Betachek C50 Cassette system: The next generation blood glucose monitor. 50 tests and meter integrated into one compact design
Betachek C50: Strip-Free blood glucose monitoring Cassette System.  • No handling of test strips • No disposing of test strips • Tests and meter integrated • 50 tests on a continuous tape  • Auto coding • 5 second test time • 0.5µl sample size • Compact meter design    (91.5 x 58 x 19.5mm)
Betachek C50 Design: The new Betachek C50 is no bigger than a standard blood glucose meter, but incredibly it carries 50 tests on board. As well as being compact, the cassette based system has been engineered to make testing simple. Installing the cassette is as easy as pushing it into place with a click.   An in-built RFID tag auto codes the meter to ensure optimal accuracy. After testing, the Betachek C50 stores used tests in a separate chamber of the cassette. No mess. No fuss.
Betachek C50 Safety: Opening a container of test strips and remembering to close it immediately is essential for the accuracy of test strips. With Betachek C50, the tests are always protected from humidity and light until ready for use.
Betachek C50 Convenience: Never handle test strips again. No unwrapping, no inserting, no separate container to carry. The C50 integrates a 50 test cassette with the meter to provide a compact and convenient system.