Betachek Diabetes Management App

The Betachek Diabetes Management App is free software for Apple® iPhones® and iPads®. Download it from the App Store onto your apple device.

Results are automatically uploaded to your iphone or ipad, where the Betachek diabetes management app creates graphs and charts. Text, email or print the graphs, logbook and charts. 

Betachek Diabetes Management App


Pairing the Betachek C50 meter with your device

The Betachek C50 Meter allows you to wirelessly synchronise your saved test results with a mobile device. This is done via bluetooth connection between your meter and mobile device.

1. Install Betachek mobile app (mobile device)

You must install the Betachek Diabetes Management application on your mobile device before you can connect to the C50 meter. Go to the Apple App store and search for Betachek Diabetes Management.

2. Turn on bluetooth (mobile device)

Prepare your mobile device for bluetooth pairing - go to settings -turn on bluetooth.

3. Enter pairing mode (Betachek C50)

To put the C50 meter into pairing mode, hold down the ‘S’ and ‘M’ buttons simultaneously and keep holding until the flashing bluetooth symbol appears.

4. Open the Betachek App (mobile device)

Open the Betachek app. and go to settings. Under settings go to 'selected device'. The app will search for the Betachek C50 meter and show any meter in range. Press connect when prompted.

Once successfully paired the meter will beep and the bluetooth symbol will stop flashing. The App will show the word 'Paired' under settings » selected device.