Blood glucose meter + lancing device + 50 test cassette

Betachek C50  50 test cassette

Strip-free blood glucose monitoring

No more test strips

Never handle test strips again. Simply push and click a new 50 test cassette into place when needed.

No waste disposal

After testing, the Betachek C50 stores used tests in a separate chamber of the cassette. No mess, no fuss. Ideal for on-the-go testing, in the car, on public transport, enjoying the great outdoors.

Design breakthrough

The Betachek C50 all-in-one meter is the world’s first meter with a 50 test cassette and fully integrated lancing device.

True pocket testing

With three items in one compact device (105 x 58 x 19.5mm), everything you need fits easily into a pocket or purse. Never carry a lancing device or container of test strips again!

Impressive accuracy

Each cassette contains a microchip that communicates lot specific information to the meter to achieve optimal accuracy.

Integrated lancing device

Engineered to reduce pain

The C50 meter has a built-in precision engineered lancing device with
10 penetration settings to produce virtually pain free sampling.
Solid construction, tight tolerances and premium materials.

Auto on and auto priming

Opening the sensor cover turns the meter on and primes the lancing device.
Simply press the S button for a tiny blood sample.
(Only 0.3μl needed).
Results in approximately 5 seconds.

Results are automatically uploaded to your phone, where the Betachek diabetes management app creates graphs and charts. Text, email or print.

Currently only available for the iphone and ipad.

C50 Accessories

Betachek C50 Test Cassette

Test Cassettes

Each Betachek C50 cassette contains 50 tests and a waste chamber for used tests.

Betachek C50 Lancet


Lancets for use with the Betachek C50 integrated finger pricker. Available in packs of 100

Betachek control solution

Control Solution

Check the accuracy of the Betachek C50 meter using Betachek control solutions 1 and 2.

Betachek App for iphone and ipad

Betachek Diabetes App

Auotmatically upload results to the Betachek Diabetes App. Available for free download on the Apple App store.

Download Betachek App from the Apple App store

Technical data

Meter Name Betachek C50
Intended use Self testing of blood glucose. Not suitable for multi patient use
Integrated Lancing Device Single patient use only
10 penetration depths with eject mechanism
Lancet: Betachek lancets, Softclix lancets
Test Time Approx. 5 seconds
Measuring method Reflex photometry
Compliance CE, TGA, ISO 15197:2013
Assay method FAD GDH
Blood sample Fresh capillary blood only
Sample size Minimum: 0.3 μL Maximum: 5μL
Units of measure mmol/l or mg/dl – factory set.
Power supply 1 battery (type CR2032)
Battery life 1000 tests or 1 year
Memory 500 results with time and date, averages for 7, 14, 30 and 90 days
Measurement range 20-600mg/dL (1.1 – 33.3 mmol/L)
Auto power off 120 seconds
Temperature During testing
10 ̊C to 40 ̊C (50 ̊F to 104 ̊F)
During storage without battery and test cassette:
-25 ̊C to + 70 ̊C (-13°F to + 158°F)
During storage with battery and without test cassette:
-20 ̊C to 50 ̊C (-4 ̊F to +122 ̊F)
During storage with battery and test cassette:
+2 ̊C to +30 ̊C (+35.6 ̊F to 86 ̊F)
Atmospheric Humidity During testing 15-85% relative humidity. During Storage <85% relative humidity
Altitude Sea level to 4000m
Meter Dimensions 105 x 58 x 19.5mm
Cassette Dimensions 22.2 x 13 x 48.2mm
Cassette expiry date 24 months from date of manufacture
3 months from date of opening
Cassette interface RFID to connect with meter
Meter Interface Bluetooth - smartphone
RFID - cassette
Weight Meter 60g; Meter, battery, cassette 70g
Model/Serial Number Located on meter label
Safety Class III
LED Class 1