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About Us

BETACHEK - abbreviation of beta cell check

Beta cells produce insulin, a hormone that controls the level of glucose (a type of sugar) in the blood. Beta cells are found in the pancreas; chek from Check; testing or verifying

First used 1988 by National Diagnostic Products. Registered trade name.


National Diagnostic Products is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of pioneering medical diagnostic products. NDP is dedicated to providing innovative advances in healthcare through a commitment to research and development.

With a focus on home diabetes monitoring, NDP markets its products under the brand name BETACHEK®

The BETACHEK® range of products includes;

  • BETACHEK® Visual
  • BETACHEK® Glucoflex

Improvements in ease of use, test time and other parameters continue to give Betachek products the innovative advances that ensure better lives for those who use them. Our research and development has resulted in several milestone achievements including:

The most accurate visually readable test for blood glucose

The first 5 second test for blood glucose

The first memory card equipped blood glucose meter allowing a permanent record of all test results.

The first cassette meter with fully intengrated finger pricker.


NDP is a licensed manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic products. Our production facilities and research laboratories are audited annually. All Betachek blood glucose meters comply with the requirements of EN/ISO15197 and have the CE mark.